With a certain nostalgia, yet with even modest gratitude, we bid farewell to our beloved humanitarian campaign ‘Kunice za krunice.’ However, this is not the end of our dedication to humanitarian work. Quite the opposite, under the new slogan ‘Dental Humanitarians,’ we want to root our help to the community even deeper. We aspire to be a beacon that inspires others to lend a hand to the most vulnerable members of our society.

This year, our love and concern are directed towards the ‘Kolibrići Association.’ Their commitment to improving the living conditions of critically ill children receiving home care truly inspires us. We understand the challenges faced by the association members, who come from various parts of Croatia, and given the fragility of the children, joint gatherings become quite challenging.

In the belief that our donation of 1,000 euros will at least partially facilitate the Association in achieving its selfless goals, we strive to bring light into the lives of those who need it most, with full heart and sincere wishes for joyful holidays.