About us

DENTAL SOLUTIONS D.O.O. is a company created with the idea of combining the knowledge of experienced dental technicians and cutting-edge technologies to provide fellow dental technicians with a superior service and products of the highest quality.

In order for 3D metal printing to meet the needs of our partners, we have invested in machines from the renowned company Sisma, and set goals – the highest possible print quality, verified materials and fast delivery to your laboratory at the agreed time – that we do not deviate from. Ongoing professional support and design verification of received STL files is the standard for contractual parties of Dental Solutions d.o.o.

If you do not have your own scanner, this is not an obstacle to using digital theologies because we offer a complete service with scanning and design done by experienced CAD CAM professionals.

During production, we use only the tried and tested CoCr alloy from Bego, known to every dental technician. Part of the procedure before layering ceramics with aesthetic material is identical to conventional methods that you use every day in your laboratories.

The most significant advantages of printed metals is the uncompromising precision of the fit without any deformations, a faster manufacturing process, and using less materials:
– wax and other materials used for modelling,
– investment material,
– metal,
– furnace,
– foundry,
– sandblasting,
– processing agents…

The precision of the object without porosity on massive structures (e.g. intermediate abutments) becomes the standard without exceptions, and it will make your job easier. Your users will also recognize the advantages of this product, so they can offer end users, i.e. patients, a product of the highest technology with which, due to quickly available information from around the world, they are very likely already familiar with.

Follow the development of new technologies and contact us.


For us, quality comes first. This is our guarantee.

By delivering quality products and respecting deadlines, we have developed a wide network of satisfied customers. Through our work, we are constantly proving that you can entrust us with the production of all dental structures that will be delivered to your laboratory or office at the agreed time, and our products always meet the highest quality standards.

DENTAL SOLUTIONS “QUALITY CONTROL” CARD has the serial number of each manufactured product, and it is a guarantee of screw-retained dental crowns and bridges, and individual abutments of the highest quality that come with a lifetime warranty.